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Spotlight on Small-Cap Stocks

Posted February 22, 2021

Do small-cap stocks still have room to rally?

Banishing A Bitcoin Bubble (2021)

Posted February 19, 2021

Technology expert Ray Blanco explains why Bitcoin in 2021 differs from the Bitcoin bubble of 2017.

The Jetsons of the SPAC-Age

Posted February 12, 2021

The SPAC making news this morning is Reinvent Technology Partners (NYSE: RTP)... which hopes to profit from flying taxis.

UAA and the G.O.A.T.

Posted February 10, 2021

Under Armour reports several Q4 earnings beats. And it doesnt hurt that one of Under Armours sponsors -- and G.O.A.T. -- just won the Super Bowl.

Wage Garnishment

Posted February 08, 2021

Bitcoin rallies almost 14% -- surpassing $40,000 -- after Teslas announcement.

A Matter of Survival

Posted February 05, 2021

Dont simply rely on solar stocks to get exposure to 2021s green boom. Diversify

Greetings, Knucklehead

Posted February 03, 2021

Researchers theorize 75% of stimulus checks will go into household savings accounts So much for goosing the economy.