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Cracking the 2020 Code (1 Stock Sector)

Posted March 31, 2021

Which sector is going to outshine the rest in 2021? Ray Blanco asks. I believe one of the best bets is a sector that had a stellar 2020.

Banks & Black (Swan) Monday

Posted March 29, 2021

A former hedge fund manager -- and admitted insider trader -- is at the center of a market firestorm involving big banks across the globe.

Ship Happens

Posted March 26, 2021

A container ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal and cyclical energy and oil stocks make a comeback in 2021.

Biden Fulfills Tax Promise

Posted March 22, 2021

Biden rejects an outright wealth tax); nonetheless, will tax reform target the wealthy?

Bicoastal Betrayals (Newsom + Cuomo)

Posted March 05, 2021

The dumbfounding hubris of two bicoastal governors is emblematic of just how little political careerists think of their constituents and the rest of us.