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A Woke Culture Takedown Goes Viral

Posted January 17, 2023

Matt Insley

By Matt Insley

A Woke Culture Takedown Goes Viral

If you’re not impressed by climate change activists’ strategy of throwing soup on paintings to achieve their goals, rest assured, you’re not alone. 

A takedown of the “woke culture” that’s brought us to this point went viral over the weekend and I wanted to share some highlights. Russian-British political commentator Konstantin Kisin’s speech at the Oxford Union was not a rallying cry for climate change skeptics, but a plea to young people who are fighting for what they believe is right. 

"The only thing wokeness has to offer in exchange is to brainwash bright young minds like you to believe that you are victims, to believe that you have no agency, to believe that what you must do to improve the world is to complain, is to protest, is to throw soup on paintings," Kisin argued.

"We know that the way to improve the world is to work, is to create, is to build and the problem with woke culture is that it has trained too many young minds like yours to forget about that," Kisin said. 


Kisin questioned why observers called his common sense approach “brave.” 

If his speech was “brave,” then Jim Rickards’ contrarian — but fact based — stance on the issue is downright courageous. 

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Your Rundown for Tuesday, January 17, 2023...

One Dumb Idea Leads to Another

What could be sillier than throwing soup on paintings? Jim highlighted a contender last week that could be doing harm to the environment as opposed to fine art. 

“The planet did undergo a mild warming spell from 1985 to 1999 (not unusual) but has been cooling since then,” according to Jim. 

“The bogus claims of the climate alarmists have now led to equally dumb ideas on what to do about it,” he noted about a recent report out of Baja, Mexico, where a startup plans to release chemicals into the atmosphere with high-altitude balloons. 

The purpose, Make Sunsets’ founder says, is to combat climate change. 

“We make reflective, high-altitude, biodegradable clouds that cool the planet. Mimicking natural processes, our ‘shiny clouds’ are going to prevent catastrophic global warming,” the group’s website claims. 

“My first reaction is: Who asked him?” Jim wrote. 

“If I want things cooler, I can just open a window or turn up the air conditioner. Why is it OK to pollute the environment with his chemicals to promote cooling, which is already happening naturally? It’s a good example of how one dumb idea (climate alarm) leads quickly to another (spreading chemicals in the atmosphere).”

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Market Rundown for Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023

S&P 500 futures are down 0.7%

WTI Crude oil is up 1.25% to $80.86 a barrel

Gold is down 0.3%.

And Bitcoin is up 0.1%, at $21,144.70.

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