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Posted September 19, 2022

Matt Insley

By Matt Insley

Economic Angel of Death

We give the mainstream press a hard time… when they deserve it. 

But I’ll be the first to admit when we miss something important. Be sure to write to us, like this reader did, when you spot a part of the plot we missed. 

“All this ‘rent is too high’ commentary in the media always gets my blood boiling because most renters (and even most single-family homeowners) don't have a clue how any of this actually works…

“To your point on rents remaining high – I manage the Asset Management department for a private REIT that owns 13,000+ apartments across three different urban markets…

“We are feeling the impacts of inflation on building materials, and, like The Rundown states, the difficulty in hiring skilled labor to fill our construction and maintenance teams. All of these things are adding to the upward rent pressure, but I can directly point to property tax increases as the biggest driver forcing our hands to raise rents…”

Cue the shameless hypocrisy.

“You can probably find plenty of examples of government officials' scorn for local landlords as they raise rents on their poor constituents, but really those constituents should be looking directly at their elected officials to answer for their public policy blunders over the years.”

Now, as investors, we have to deal with the results of those blunders. 

It’s no time to be complacent. Right now is the time to get smart and protect your wealth from the next catastrophic mistake…

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Your Rundown for Monday, September 19, 2022...

Countdown to September 21

It’s coming this week. 

Our macro expert Jim Rickards has identified the next event that will send shockwaves through financial markets.

He calls it the “Economic Angel of Death.”

The ones who don’t see it coming “could be facing a lifetime of financial ruin.”

But, as he tells it, “the ones who see this coming have the chance for massive profits…”

You don’t want to be one of the victims caught in the coming storm.

So here’s what you need to do to prepare now:

  1. Watch this emergency broadcast to see how an “Economic Angel of Death” is set to devastate America on September 21st at exactly 2 p.m.
  1. Learn a simple strategy which could have given people the chance to take home profits of as high as 1,295%...1,620%...and even 2,650% during the year of a market crash

But hurry. Because once this crisis hits, it’ll already be too late. Go here now.

Market Rundown for Monday, Sept. 19, 2022

S&P 500 futures are down 0.75% on 

WTI Crude oil is down -3.47% to $82.16 a barrel. 

Gold has dipped 0.79%. 

Bitcoin is down 2.95% to $18,845. 

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Mail Call: 7% Mortgage Rate is Laughable

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Goldman’s Ultra-Risky AI “Opportunities”

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