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Posted November 06, 2020

Byron King

By Byron King

Pandemic Election 2020

We closed Wednesdays issue with this thought: One of the really alarming knock-on effects of the pandemic -- and the election -- has been the politicization of public health policy.

Do you agree, reader? And how do we fix it before the next pandemic?

Our first contributor responds: I would put a great deal of emphasis on rapid testing. If possible, test everyone prior to leaving the house for work or school. This would allow businesses to open and just use standard precautions.

Make it available like a flashlight -- reusable with minimal expense. Hmm

Another reader thinks Biden used the pandemic to his advantage: Check out the pandemic hammer, he says. Its real, and its in Bidens hand! Guess who wins?

Our readers onto something. Journalist Matt Taibbi reports today: Trump lost the election because of his handling of the pandemic, the top issue for 41% of voters, who chose Biden by a nearly 3 to 1 margin.

And apparently the economy wasnt top priority for voters. Among people whose top concern was the economy -- 28% of the electorate -- Trump won an incredible 80% of the vote, Taibbi says.

With Trump suing for a recount in three states -- Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin -- the likelihood of a contested election appears imminent.

What are your thoughts on a recount? Necessary or just prolonging the inevitable?

Send your opinions to,

Your Rundown for Friday, Nov. 6, 2020

Tech Trailblazers

Today we give the floor to tech stock authority Ray Blanco who says: If weve learned anything [this year], its that tech stocks can survive nearly anything thats thrown their way.

Take COVID-19 for example.

When the pandemic hit, the markets were equally affected across the board with some major downward action.

But since we hit the bottom in March, Ray says, tech stocks have come roaring back, outperforming the overall market.

Just take a look at the graph below:

NASDAQ vs S&P 500

Ray notes: Tech stocks on the year are up 22% while the overall markets are only up by almost 2.5%.

Remember too the overall markets include tech stocks. That means that without tech, the markets would be in the negatives.

Rays three favorite technology sectors to buy?

  1. Electric Vehicles/Battery Technology
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Internet Technology

Ray concludes: Techs been largely unaffected by the rest of the worlds volatile events, he says, and no matter the election outcome, it will continue to thrive in the long run.

Well take a deeper dive Monday into these three technology sectors, and why Ray believes theyre not only resilient, but ready to soar.

Market Rundown for Friday, Nov. 6, 2020

S&P 500 futures are down almost 1% to 3,473.

Oils in a slide: down 3% to $37.61 for a barrel of West Texas crude.

Golds behaving like a safe haven, up $9.00 to $1,955.80 per ounce.

Bitcoins lost 1% to $15,550.29.

Send your comments and questions to,

Take care, and enjoy the weekend! Well talk more Monday.

For the Rundown,

Aaron Gentzler

Aaron Gentzler

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